Happy Birthday THUNDERBOLT

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Re: Happy Birthday THUNDERBOLT

New postby Paula » Tue Oct 06, 2020 4:33 am

THUNDERBOLT wrote:Awww helloo there
I am playing little and lately I play Gateways Server. few times dU servers.
im in discord too THUNDERBOLT #0591
nice to hear from you Paula :thumbup: , I'm sure I'll dedicate you another map, it's for Monster Hunt, or DM?

Hey Thunder, nice to hear from you again! Amazing where you hang around all the time - Gateways Server / dU Server / Discord # 0591
- It’s all Greek to me! I only play UT99 and there only on MRS, CMM and very rarely on Evil's. I think it's great that you really want to
dedicate a map to me again! But I can only accept that with good conscience if it's not too much work for you, ok? But if you really want
to dedicate a new map to me - may I express a few wishes? Weak players like me love to hide, as it is possible in "Big Volcano" map e.g.
I love this map because it has so many secret hiding spots. But shoot from ambush only makes sense when using Howitzer ammunition
that does not leave any smoke trail. however - if it doesn't work with the map: Just let yourself please be seen here in the forum a
little more often, or play again on the servers mentioned above. Thank you very much in advance!


P.S.1: Many thanks to you evilgrins for your effort!
P.S.2: I would like to play the new map on MRS
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Re: Happy Birthday THUNDERBOLT

New postby THUNDERBOLT » Mon Oct 26, 2020 3:30 pm

Hello everyone again, it is always good to connect with friends :bow: :thumbup: , although lately I do not enter the sites, and I love making new maps but I no longer have as much passion as before, since my current health is shortening my time, I just try to live life Although this covid has stopped everything with the quarantine, now I am only interested in raising money to buy a bibyble and take a long trip, and it has become my dream, that's why I made this site: https://naharaartedigital.wixsite.com/nahara/portafolio
In any case, I will dedicate you a new map with a lot of love Paula, although now I make them a little slower :roll: .
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Re: Happy Birthday THUNDERBOLT

New postby evilgrins » Tue Oct 27, 2020 12:07 am

Think i saw one of those pics on facebook today.
THUNDERBOLT wrote:since my current health is shortening my time

What's up with your health?
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