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The other "great" ones

New postby Nelsona » Sat Jun 16, 2018 1:48 am

Not only Tarmation2"fixX" series have been messed up. We have a mountain of them. I think from time to time I will attack some of them because after so many years MH players are going out one by one as long as the same garbage maps are cycled and nobody is willing to come back and FINISHING them as a fancy term.
I think I might list a couple of reasons for real remakes:
- MONSTERS uncompiled causing borks in Levels due to fascinating original MH package which mappers are messing with it rather than doing things properly;
- settings good only to annoy player when a door has one button and a clown is closing the door leaving you alone in the middle of monsters - TriggerToggle stupidity, NOT FOR ON-LINE;
- various awesome textures - like "Engine.DefaultTexture" - these I suppose are the best ever dumb n00b works which are used for years for constant player's deception;
- X versions of the same stupid map with miss-aligned textures because we have a few monsters added at each "new map" and all wrong setup is the same in all versions;
- Pawns badly screwed up creating on-screen messages like are coming from some dead baboon brain;
- Inventories funky set for not being rotated and veeery bStatic causing mutators to go down-hill with replacements;
- Powering up monsters and adding heavy weapons but fixing NOTHING at geometry even is known as a crapped map and later happily signing a map which was never signed;
- etc,. not going to spam more.

In other words I think I'm having 100+ reasons to slap the trash outta these maps doing others... which if are not perfect, at least have OTHER content than known so far and running way better than those junk files with extension UNR called maps or used as maps.
Here I can quote some map modifiers using run-time injections - map patching heavily helped by the newer XC_Engine extension for UT'99, for real bad ones map editing using BUILDERS handy to do, and XC_Core specific builders able to covert some brushes into meshes it's also usable. Various actors can sit only in Client-Side excepting server to have an useless load with actors, these being for decoration purposes.
I did such mapping samples, for anyone interested in some different mapping - I think I can use term Coding-Mapping - like these mentioned here (shared, of course, because I do not intend to keep them only for myself): ... php?id=225 - A remade of over-powered Brutality (nothing was brutal there anyway :jerk: ) map suddenly claimed and zero BSP fixes; - A modified modification of KingsAndServants series, malformed to a not the best ever file-name and having messed up actors.
In random triggering situation I might reply at sudden issues by directly doing a map or fixing one, better than explaining stuff to those who "cannot understand a single word" from my sentences - is a default reason used as excuse.

When some servers are in outage, if others are willing to make copies - hosting them - I won't be against this.
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Re: The other "great" ones

New postby Fuzz_Ball » Sat Jun 16, 2018 10:08 am

Very good, Nelsona! :applause:
Your knowledge and work is always appreciated here.
While I do not know how various mappers or "map fixers" think, some "fixed" maps cold be one's single attempt to make the map work, when it was a total failure to begin with.
Other map creators are brilliant when it comes to overall look and feel of a map.
Perhaps they are not aware of other problems that exist in their maps.
It IS hard work and one can tire of it after so many hours, setting up sh!t and assigning properties to objects and events.
My server is a rental VM that is reasonably stable and life always gets in the way of keeping it up to date properly.
I will upload these maps in a few days and post it here.
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