Spinner.u mismatch among others.

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Spinner.u mismatch among others.

New postby Fuzz_Ball » Sun May 28, 2017 1:13 pm

Spinner.U comes in 2 different sizes depending on which map is used.

Yes! This is a common complaint for quite a few files.

I currently use the version that is 1.47 MB (1,551,609 bytes).
It looks like it was made in Oct. 2009.
It's been on my server for years and plays fine on all the maps.

Lately, I see version 2.22 MB (2,331,252 bytes) and its date is Sept. 2009.

When I add files, I always compare each one and NEVER overwrite.

It seems that either way, players will get a mismatch.

My questions are : Do I keep the smaller file or go with the larger one? What version is on your servers? Which version can be considered the standard?

There are several other files that mismatch and it would be nice if we can all reach common standard versions.

Thanks for your input.
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