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MonsterHunt Etiquette

New postby Fuzz_Ball » Thu Feb 24, 2011 12:26 pm

This posted at another forum by a_nameless_entity, a frequent visitor to FBF:
Thanks, nameless and well stated!

Since Fuzzball's server is so popular nowadays, and has a lot of new players, I decided to republish an old thread about Monster Hunt Etiquette. Please read and digest these suggested guidelines. Thank you.

Monster Hunt Etiquette

The name of the game is Monster Hunt. NOT "A race to the end with monsters in it". It is Monster Hunt.

We are not here to see who can race to the end of the map first.

We are not here to hog all of the health and power ups for ourselves.

We are here to play as a team.

This means that it's ok to top up your health when there's no one else nearby, but if you see another player rushing to that health pack or shield belt, and he is beat up, or at least has less health than you, let him have the use of it.
Share the wealth. If 3 of you are running down a corridor, and there are 3 health packs, take ONE each. It's only polite, after all. Take care of your team mates. Look out for each other. Please.

No one likes a smart ass who plays like he's the only one in the map, or considers the other players to be his competitors, rather than his team mates.

If you get bored, didn't get your way in map vote, don't like the map that's in play or whatever, DO NOT gripe about it, DO NOT get petulant and start to frag other players, just leave the server. There are LOTS of Monster Hunt servers out there now. If you don't like the way things are going here, try somewhere else. You are bound to find what you like eventually.

Be polite.

And when you finally have fought your way to the end of the map, after killing all -or at least all that you can find- of the monsters, WAIT at the end point for your team mates to catch up to you. All of them. If for example, 5 out of the 6 of you are standing at the end point, and there's only one spawn point in the whole map, and player #6 just got killed and has a long hike back to the end, ASK him if he minds that you would end the map. Please. There's nothing more frustrating than to never have seen what the last rooms of a map look like, just because one dim bulb couldn't wait to end the map.

Let's just all remember to be nice. Ok?


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