GROUND ZERO: attn Hermski, Hook, MEAT, & mars007

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Re: GROUND ZERO: attn Hermski, Hook, MEAT, & mars007

New postby evilgrins » Fri May 06, 2016 4:52 pm

In order to keep up on posts for specific things to different forums, I do this ·

Results thus far:
· MEAT loved it, says his Redeemer Screamer handles it like a dream. One or two initial quirks, but it works for him.
· Hermskii's redeemer arena is about the same as mine, so he likes it but had the same issues I did.
· Hook loved it but didn't mention how his PirateDeemer faired playing it.
· no response from mars007.

There was some other stuff too, including a recommend for a "Redeemer Mania" but that about covers that.

Anytime I get a new map setup and my initial weapons choices don't quite cut it, I dig around through the insane amount of stuff I've got to see what else might work; in the dim hopes I host games again someday I should work with what I've got and I'm most familiar with.

Opted for 2 weapons: BlueBaller & InstaComboGib...
...and then added another: UKBadBoy

The first 2 are enough to play the map on semi-equal terms with the monsters already on it. UKBadBoy, a rip from the most powerful nuke of Nw2 & the Nw2 UltimaProtos (made by UK-Scorpion) I tossed in because it's scary powerful and I wanted revenge:


Skaarj are superior to Predators but it's harder to find pics of them
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