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MH-Tarmation - Sektor / Nelsona version

New postby Fuzz_Ball » Sun Mar 11, 2018 1:33 pm

Seen on another forum, Sektor took the "many fix" map, MH-Tarmation and cleaned it up, properly.
Thanks, Mate for cleaning this up.
And yes. I do like this revised Level!
It is more tolerable to play now.
Attached is Sektor's notes on his changes:



M H-Tarmation2
Map Revision note Document
This file MH-Sk_Tarmation2.unr is a map dedicated to MonsterHunt
Game-Type modification running into UnrealTournament. This do looks like a
ported map from some SinglePlayer series but badly converted (or not that
much converted) to MonsterHunt.
Level Changes:
Level used as a base was MH-Tarmation2+fix5 whatever X attempt to fix
the borked geometry or whatever still not fixed stuff. Because I got tired
of these files spread around claiming unexistent fixes, I went to a
revision especially at rooms with non-colliding walls. I did not do a
research around original map but for sure any of these MH portations is an
utter garbage, starting with 0 (zero) translator stuff not much seen in
Tournament games On-Line. These can be replaced with normal triggers and
set against spaming - and this is what I did at this point.
After aligning and resetting a bunch or brushes and doing a bunch of
builds and failures (due to awesome design out of techs) I got a better
version of this map. Walls are more friendly right now. There are added
some brushes for creating BSP deviations on purpose to hijack BSP building
way for discarding unwanted BSP cuts in playable zones - those evil ones
ruining rooms. I have added a kill-zone because initially pawns have been
trapped there at bottom with no purpose - seriously...
I went even to deliver some Bot stuff - superior MH versions will
work somehow nice in here, default MonsterHunt doesn't offer protection
around touching objectives and map might head to a Bot failure - depending
on combat. Some zone driving to a shortcut (Bot will not deal with Big
Elevator - not here) can also be a problem for various types of Bots (I
did not bother with default Bot). If player will unlock central teleporter
shortcut Bot will go to hunt around - IF can Pass that small ledge from
brutes room.
Elevator-Lift has a little puzzling operation - as in default map
idea: One button will call lift in position, the other one will start
moving lift - not the same button will be used. Activating lift is even
announced in first supposed ”TranslatorEvent” message from first Spawn
Spot - right now visible and audible. The rest of such ”Events” have been
also replaced properly, these messages are even recorded in console and
for player using a super-duper console they can be even saved.
Map has a damage-room where camping is a bad idea, after shooting
objective room is no longer harmful - I suppose this was the idea of
destroying panel else I don't get what's the deal if not disabling room's
Known bugs:
As I could figure generally, some of those UT babons are feeling
disturbed if a Level is perfect, so let's give them what they need - BUGS,
have fun in here, no worries, map won't go broken because of them:
- Map has FlakAmmo but no Flak - I did not added any Flak - Where would be
placed this thing ?
- Some fix brush has a small part with a different texture - for figuring
area with old problem - I will not change that, I'm not sure if players will see that too soon;
- Lights setup generally is not that fascinating, I did not see any
bSpecialLit deal nowhere, and coronas are way too big - I did not do any
change here except a single light which I have aligned to the grid;
- package doesn't include dependent files assuming you have them from
”original” map or FIXED/conformed packages;
- missing some A.I. directives for the Big Elevator Lift - Bot Chapter
I do not have any clue if you like this revised Level, but me
personally I'm using it starting from now on because I see it better than
any of those having string ”fix”.
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