A few mapped things

A few mapped things

New postby Nelsona » Tue Oct 30, 2018 11:40 pm

Here I don't really want to introduce map as much as I want to show some stuff doable for MonsterHunt in MyLevel and current Level is a direct setup sample how things are working... else having assets imported done in a map, they can be used by everyone in other maps without to compile anything, compiled MyLevel content can be used as it is from a map to another.
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Aside from default habits, I won't post too many images because I'm not that guy ruining the surprise, the best first impact it's when you play map rather than looking at a stupid screenshot which is only loading my HDD space for no purpose. Also any ScreenShot is irrelevant when map has random stuff integrated which might work in various formats: statues spawning here and there, in other maps monster shows up in Week-end in a random spot, perhaps soon I'll do one with a dynamic SkyBox and then any ScreenShoot will look as a fake one not being from map in cause.
Content integrated is done by me and others, and combined into something undone so far this way:
- Statues - not SkaarjStatues triggered by Bots VIA old rammed MH Bot code or blasted with a redeemer - these are statues for real coming to life triggered and having options;
- Hidden statues appearing in game in 4 various locations sorted randomly - I got tired of knowing where is a monster all time and playing MH even during a nice sleep on the keyboard because the map works the same as 10 years ago without nothing special;
- Decorations hosting some monsters showing up when are destroyed and having a Map Event accordingly;
- An EvSeter actor assigning randomly Event to one of such decorations in purpose to see map working different from a session to another - not the same barrel destroyed will open a door or finish map;
- Custom Factory having more capabilities for creatures spawned - including more strength and skins and tweaks for stupid pupae if mapper wants;
- Custom Counter that won't break anything;
- Multiple SkyBox-es - code and SkyBoxes are from community;
- small A.I. tweaking actors managing monsters (and Bots where are used);
- other decorations teleported in MyLevel for preventing future retarded "mappers" to mess up packages to ruin map;
- a SnowGenerator - a modified PrecipitationGenerator which was borked spreading Spam each time when has bad mapped rather than logging an error and asking mapper to do a revision to settings (not the case here but wrapped enough and correctly set) - this one is a little bit more featured and is pure Client-Side without to load Network Channels in Dedicated servers because all Particles belongs to client and have small code changes based on a state code and smoothing particles spawning cycles;
- not for current case - Map has Bot Support FULL - which means bot will destroy barrels trying to find the critical Karmic one able to finish map, here it's a participation of a DualNode; this is a PathNode having a double purpose according to setup, yes has a variable to be set - there is more to explain for those having more A.I. hobby not for only cube-drawers which have no clue how do MH works and unable to deal with a stupid Bot.

Known Caveats:
- by playing original MH in original un-patched UT Accessed Nones won't except you from a random surprise - this is default MH in more cases;
- even if map has a bit of patching - you can have mad logs when Skaarj is getting weapon because Skaarj has this feature and this is how a game should be;
- a very small lag might occur when Skaarj Statue goes alive and gets weapon. UnMapped stuff is dynamically assigned by Engine which do takes a small period of time for setup. Strong machines probably doesn't include any issue here - if this can be taken as an issue.

Monster Gaming Server owned by HOF where this sample demo map is running doesn't include these bugs :party: , there are about to be eliminated other bugs as well when are about to do damage.

Have fun around!
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Re: A few mapped things

New postby Fuzz_Ball » Mon Nov 05, 2018 8:07 am

Thanks for the update, my friend.
I tried to test this map over the weekend but was busy with car problems, car problems and more car problems!
I look forward to seeing all the good ideas you put to good use.
Take care.
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Re: A few mapped things

New postby Nelsona » Thu Nov 08, 2018 10:36 pm

Fuzz_Ball wrote:I look forward to seeing all the good ideas you put to good use.
Take care.
Yeah, there are some Levels which worth a bit of love in Editor because they have been spread by very "creative" people - so to speak creative spammers... or... a tiny actor managing meshes as recovery purpose for reducing too much insane creativity :banghd: .
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