TeamMonsters can be fun

TeamMonsters can be fun

New postby evilgrins » Sat Dec 28, 2013 1:35 pm

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I've had a few challenges with them, but ultimately I like the TeamMonsters. Setting them up on maps, skinning them appropriately with team colors, and seeing how it turns out. Not so great with bots, for some reason bots on Red Team can't see them... which is a general monster issue in anything outside of Deathmatch.

This Red Team Skaarj, of which I have 2 on this map edit I'm doing, is kinda useless. If there was a blue team on the map it would hunt them down and shred them but it largely ignores other monsters... unless one of them hits/shoots it...

...and then it will chase the thing down to the ends of the map to kill it, and anything else that shoots it along the way.

It remembers each time it got shot and will go after any of those monsters that did it until they're all dead.

I typically pick Skaarj Berserkers for this sort of thing, as they're big and so powerful... which I amp up considerably. I take away it's energy attacks so it has to fight in close and claw its victims to shreds... and it doesn't attack the Red Team, which we like just fine.

Periodically when I've got a bunch of monsters chasing me, more than I can handle, I hop behind the TeamMonster so all incoming fire hits it and it can go kill them for me. Wimpy? Sure... but effective.
Skaarj are superior to Predators but it's harder to find pics of them
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