Several Toys

Several Toys

New postby Nelsona » Fri Apr 22, 2016 2:50 pm

NEVER think at these as like a MUST Have. I simply did a few things (small muts) for different purposes as long as in some Levels things were not really cute.
Stuff +- resources:

Old Weapons Trigger
This is a mutator which can be loaded in a server as a simple Server-Side and it will "talk" with Botpack Stuff to allow our cute player to use Old Weapons. Said Old Weapon because we don't speak about replacements we speak about exactly original UnrealI weaponry and/or UnrealShare. Best example and test = CTF-Niven. Also messages are white and Big when weapon has been collected by player. No need thousands of words, here it is for your tests and... improvements.
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Lightning Tweaker V3
For people more ignorant usually a map with Net stuff doing sucks won't be a problem. Others in exchange are not glad about how do looks DistanceLightning On-Line and neither those few lamps supposed to do some light but which looks as a shiny cadaver not like a lamp working normally. This is a mutator for servers (used to be in ServerPackages) trying to solve problems of DistanceLightning in Net Games.
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Map Duplicated Actors Checker v2
Some admins could figure that some Levels (from any game-type) are badly screwed with Actors having the same identification name and which should be unique. I believe these are a problem for garbage collection and sooner or later crashing server. We can speak about even Stock CTF-November (to be honest that is trash not map) having some Double Lights. If you wanna clean your play-ground by such retarded Levels you can use this tool around a game-type which doesn't use replacements, else stuff getting replaced won't be doubled.
So to speak it might not be the most accurate tool but it shows which levels have been wrong build. Works without to be in ServerPackages aside it is an admin toy for Off-Line checks before uploading stuff in public server.
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Teleporter Tweaker
This is a Server-Side tool that can be used where people intend to mess at teleporters blocking them in TeamGames and having even chances to develop collision crashes. It might not be the super-duper ever tool but it do works somehow preventing some bad occurrences at Teleporters. Also it will attempt to fix those damn visible teleporters which leads nowhere spamming stupid messages On-Screen.
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Re: Several Toys

New postby Nelsona » Fri Apr 22, 2016 3:20 pm

Less Telefrag
This is another server-side tool (mutator) which might help or Not depending on map. When a map has 4 PlayerStarts and 7 People and Bots are entering the game, randomly stupid kills occurs by telefraging. Pawns using the same PlayerStart will commit a kill with 0 battle. Presuming that in a certain radius (configurable) we have some Pathnodes, InventorySpots etc., our players can be spread around them in order to prevent these stupid kills. Imagine that if Level is poor (not many navigationpoints) telefrag-kill will still blabbering around. I'm no longer using empty cubes in my play-ground.
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No MonsterHunt Spam
Optional server-actor tool for MH servers which uses a decent MH for hunters with some skill and preventing a high server load. The tool attempts to destroy non-critical monsters in Level in order to gain 300 pieces at time. By example if level is loaded with 550 creatures, a custom iteration will ruin using a "stepping" method for some creatures destruction until number 300 is reached. Update: Version can be adjusted to be restricted at 300 in main INI.
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Instant Death
This kinda dumb idea has been fired up at but having a very complex deal which I really don't get why. Using this server-side mutator in DM TDM games we might deliver an "InstaGib-Type" death with all sort of stock weapons + old weapons as well if it's combined with some toy above. It ignores UT_Shieldbelt and won't ruin stuff from maps. It is addressing player so won't work with monsters outside of DM games.
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Boty Man Checker V3
This was/is a personal mutator which I've been using for testing a DM map in which order Bot is getting items and if is able to do this. Actually it shows to human tester the Nodes to follow (using a lamp beacon) for getting pickups from map at a mutate command <mutate mebot>. Prior versions have been using sort of dependencies (which not all people knows) like XC_Core for clocking how many milliseconds works engine for finding a path and such clocking stuff. V3 doesn't use other dependencies.
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Re: Several Toys

New postby Nelsona » Fri Apr 22, 2016 3:43 pm

TickRate Spy
For a Windows based server (due to tick-rate more stable than into Linux + TickFix2), this toy server-side actor is able to Log and Broadcast On-Screen when Server has a Tick-Rate going down at a moment due to some mod/map load.
It uses <ServerActors=TickSpy.Ticker> call. Note: you'll see your "awesome" server what it does when MapVote loads and sorts maps.
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Dynamic A.I. Tweaker
This is a Mutator (even Server-Side - because A.I. is guided by server not client) able to screw things a bit especially in DM matches where Bot follows the same routes and it starts to be predictable with less challenge. Mutator is able to make Path-Net dynamic by rotating nodes and changing rotation in time - read again - bStatic things can go screwed properly for a better world. In this way several paths are not very reachable all the time and A.I. is pushed to another route. It is addressing Nodes in large areas around, not all Network will be debated.
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Extra Garbage Collector
It is considered a server-side actor meant for spam games which are developing a lot of garbage objects which takes time to purge at end of match and even to stuck things. If admin wants to purge garbage from time to time, this actor will do that in random intervals.
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Some of these toys doesn't include many dependencies. However if they "smell" XC_Core and XC_Engine loaded will use them for their faster Natives but without to cause dependent files that have to be loaded. In these lasts versions I was interested to make them more simple as possible.
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Re: Several Toys

New postby Fuzz_Ball » Fri Apr 22, 2016 10:31 pm

That's a lot of cool stuff, Nels!

It'll take a long time to look at them all but they seem very useful.

Thanks for dropping by and posting these here.

:tku: :puff:
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Re: Several Toys

New postby Hook » Tue Apr 26, 2016 3:00 pm

Yes, nice stuff indeed! :thumbup:
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