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New postby Terraniux » Tue Aug 07, 2018 12:35 pm

I think I haven't posted it here yet.
Same topic as on HUTP: ... ollTo=1888
A map designed for Redeemer / Sniper related servers. But especially for CMM.

Haven't got a name for it yet, please make suggestions!

Today I made some big progress.

I think is good enough to call it an early ALPHA version. Terrain and basic layout and geometry is completed!
Not yet finished yet:
- General things like pickups, secrets... etc.

Added 18 playerstarts. There is minor health and pickups available. But let's hear the commentary first about bugs and possible wrongs.

Fire at will! ... k8i0a?dl=0

Since my host will expire soon I am expermenting with droppbox. If the link is not working let know!



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