Map selection etiquette...

Map selection etiquette...

New postby MEAT » Wed Apr 11, 2018 5:11 pm

Is there such a thing?
I know I have touched on this topic before. But is there a general rule or etiquette when choosing a map?
Does it have to do with who wins or loses?
Does the winner of last game have the right to pick next map?
Does the last player in game have the honors of map choice?
Losers choice?
Is it strickly random?
Does it depend on the scenario?

I've seen to many players over the year leave because there map wasn't selected.
Hell...I've left because of map selections.

So is there any opinions or ideas on what is political correct?
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Re: Map selection etiquette...

New postby Paula » Fri Apr 13, 2018 11:21 am

Oh please, only no political correctness, because P.C. is antiquated nonsense from eternal yesterdays people!
My opinion is:

Players should be able to leave the game whenever they want, because this is a game
and not a disciplining camp for Navy Seals or Delta Forces!

The following only for "politically interested", or why I hate Political Correctness.

An explanation attempt:

The decline of all ideologies that promised a better world, and the growing recognition that the world is resisting
fundamental change, is evidently leading to a departure from political reality. This development was already indicated
in the early eighties. At that time, people began not to be so interested in the fate of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua,
but in the cadmium content of porcini mushrooms. The idealists become exceedingly disappointed and hopeless.
They feel offended by reality. But the will to change has remained. When you feel politically powerless, the images of
reality and the words that describe them become more and more important. And as reality becomes more and more
terrifying, and this horror spreads in all TV news, the suffering observer sinks into the purity of his own illusory world.
In this sense, "Political Correctness" is the illusion of a healthy world and a protected and clean society. This naive
virtue group constructs a dualistic world view, an infantile Disney idyl, with good and bad people. The important thing
now is above all the right attitude. Only: this attitude causes in reality less and less. Until the seventies, it drove the
minds of people to action, according to the motto "There is nothing good, unless you do it". Today, the demonstration
of impeccable morale is enough. In the language the PC disciples leave visible traces. New euphemisms are always being
invented, so euphemistic words for all sorts of evils. That means, language is getting better and better as reality worsens.
"Political Correctness" creates a rigid and humorless personality type - the type of the constantly indignant, who just
waits to secrete protest and punish. These include chronically offended feminists who are constantly lying in wait for
macho sins. This creates an atmosphere of bondage and hatred that destroys all interpersonal communication.
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Re: Map selection etiquette...

New postby MEAT » Fri Apr 13, 2018 9:24 pm

Got to the first sentence and stopped...not in the mood.
Anyone once have an opinion ?
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Re: Map selection etiquette...

New postby Hook » Fri Apr 20, 2018 8:56 am

Gad-Zooks, a tuffy! :roll:
Generally, when I myself am playing, I let any player pick what they want.
If some players do not get the map they picked, especially if that happens over and over, I make a mental note of those maps and then pick them for the next maps, so those players get to play maps they wanted to play also.

Back to your questions though...
I have played on different servers that used different ways of who gets to choose the next map.
Usually it just depends on who the current players are.
Players may simply say something like: "The lowest scoring player gets to pick the next map" or "The last player to join in here gets to choose the next maps" or other things too. :bla:

I do not recall if I have heard of, or if there is really any "map selection etiquette" though. :shrug:
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