MapVote Keybinder Window

MapVote Keybinder Window

New postby Fuzz_Ball » Sun Feb 14, 2016 11:05 pm

Why in the hell does this keep coming up?
It seems if I join a site like Hook's for example, it comes up and total screws things up for me and gives the bad guys a few free frags at my expense.
Alt fire will bring up Map Vote, weapons switching is gone.
What WAS my mapvote is now Crouch?

This then continues to pop up on any other server I join.
there must be a way to disable it altogether either on the server or the client (gamers)
Very annoying and after all these years it seems to have raised its ugly head again.
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Re: MapVote Keybinder Window

New postby Hook » Mon Feb 15, 2016 2:41 pm

Wow, we were all wondering why you left so abruptly last night LOL - this is all it was?!? Whew! :P
Anyway, No Problemo and I see your concern. ;)

The answer is, do NOT click on the "Set/Save" button (or return/Enter key either). (Sets MapVote to the last key you used I believe)
Click on the "X" (close window) button only.
If you already have set your keybind for MapVote, it should not even pop up at all. (so maybe it was erased on another server?)

Read this - it explains it better ...

I haven't heard of any trouble with this for years, but I am certainly tempted to set it NOT to pop-up. :roll:
As for other servers that have it set to pop-up, and that it pops-up on - see above URL again.
(it pops up again on other servers because it was probably eliminated on the original server it popped up on)
Does that make sense? :screwy:
Cheers! :D
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