NEW - The UT/Unreal Forum, Site, Server Directory - Here NOW

NEW - The UT/Unreal Forum, Site, Server Directory - Here NOW

New postby Hook » Mon Jul 29, 2013 10:59 am

NEW -> The UT99/Unreal Forum, Site and Server Directory
(Here NOW - For Good UT99/Unreal Forums, Sites and Servers!)
OPEN !!!
The Concept...
I have had a Forum of Forums for about 6 years or so now, since July 27th, 2007.
It is, or has been called: "The Forum Directory"
It was a forum FOR Forum Admins/Owners, and a Directory of their forums of all kinds.
It used to be a really hopping place, with well over 600 members, who themselves owned forums to advertise.
It was one of the best.
It still attracts a good number of admins posting their forums, and also a lot of hits from forum searches.
FACT? - It WILL Bring more Visitors to YOUR UT/Unreal Forums, Sites and Servers !!! (If they are Posted there of course) :roll:

Web Crawlers like Google bots are well versed at checking this forum - so it is well connected already.
A great Base for a forum like this was already there and functioning, and Still is.
I had been neglecting it and looking for a new admin and staff to take it over, with not a lot of luck - a lot of work.
So, basically, it had just been fairly inactive the past year or 2, and was sitting there as a static Directory of forums, and that is all.
I have been slowly converting over now to a more specialized Forum Directory - a Directory of only UT/Unreal Forums. Sites and Servers, or forums, sites and servers related to our UT/Unreal community.
I renamed it: "The UT99/UnReal Forum Site and Server Directory"

It is really not quite ready for prime time yet, but I opened it up to the UT/Unreal public now anyway!
The STAFF there is forming already also.
We may even expand it a bit to include other UT sections, but I want to keep it somewhat limited, and keeping the forums, sites and servers listed there as the Main UT/Unreal GO-TO places.
It should be the UT Place to go for finding good UT/Unreal Sites and good UT/Unreal Resources.
Of course I would like to keep it in as Highest Quality and Reliability as I possibly can. :drinktoit:

I think this will really be a good idea, it already is, and really Help the UT Community as the UT Community becomes less reliable on its own.

Go ahead and Register at this new UT/Unreal Forum/Site/Server Directory - Post your UT/Unreal "Stuff" at this new UT/Unreal beginning!

Stay Tuned Good UT Folks! :salute:

Read more about it, in time, here also...


Advertise YOUR UT99/Unreal Sites, Forums and Servers ...

Just an FYI...
NOW you are able to post your UT99 and Unreal Community "stuff" over on the REAL Site for this!!!
The UT99/UnReal Forum Site and Server Directory
Your ONE Stop / ONE Place to Find the Right UT99/UnReal Forums, Sites and Servers for YOU! - Originally Established July 27, 2007

HERE NOW!!! ...!!! :wink:
It is OPEN!!!
Go ahead and Register there UT/Unreal Forum, Site and Server ADMINS!
POST YOUR UT/Unreal Stuff!

Go ahead and Register there Fuzz_Ball - I could use your help too! ;)
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