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Unreal: Return to Na Pali

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Unreal: Return to Na Pali, or RTNP, is an expansion pack to Unreal and the original release of the pack required the full version of Unreal to install and play. The game takes place after the events in Unreal and puts you back on the planet Na Pali to find another crashed spacecraft. RTNP was developed by Legend Entertainment using many of the left over art and assets from the development of Unreal, and nearly all of the levels that were cut from Unreal. RTNP was released to stores on May 31, 1999.

The main character of the original Unreal missions. Prisoner 849 is rescued by the UMS Bodega Bay following the events of the final level and ordered to return to Na Pali to recover data from the crashed UMS Prometheus.

UMS Space Marines are enemies only featured in RTNP. They are military personnel working for the ship that sent you back to Na Pali after the conclusion of Unreal. They are armed with either Rocket Launchers or Combat Assault Rifles and are much more intelligent than other enemies in the game. The ship that rescued you sends them to Na Pali to kill you.

Small dinosaurs and giant arachnids join the group of hostile enemies who are dead set on killing the alien visitor: You.
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