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Excerpts adapted from the Liandri Archives, Beyond Unreal.

Unreal is a first-person shooter video game and the first game in the Unreal series. It was also the first 3D venture by Epic Games and Digital Extremes. The game was approved by GT Interactive in 1996 and released on May 22, 1998 to the world.

You play the part of Prisoner 849, an otherwise anonymous person aboard the prison spacecraft Vortex Rikers. The ship was under way to a prison moon, but crash-lands on the planet Na Pali, home of the Nali, a primitive tribal race of four-armed humanoids.

The Nali and their planet have been subjugated by the Skaarj, a race of brutish yet technologically advanced reptilian humanoids. Skaarj troops board the downed Vortex Rikers and kill the remaining survivors, save for Prisoner 849, who manages to find a weapon and escape from the ship.

Throughout the game you stumble across the remains of other humans, often with electronic journals that detail their last days' desperate struggles to hide from the Skaarj or other bloodthirsty inhabitants of the planet. The player never meets another live human aside from a wounded crew member on the bridge of the prison ship who gasps and dies immediately. Prisoner 849 is possibly the only human alive throughout the game.

As Prisoner 849, you continue to make your way through a series of alien installations, Nali temples and mines encountering hordes of gruesome aliens and mosters.

You must survive and find the Skaarj Queen's chamber, kill her and get to the escape pod.
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