Monster Hunters, where the HEck are you?

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Monster Hunters, where the HEck are you?

New postby Fuzz_Ball » Sat Mar 03, 2012 1:51 pm

You're keeping the Funnhouse very busy and we all chat in-game.
We're having fun here talking about stuff, too.
Join the party.
Ask a question, post some comments or even - create a NEW TOPIC!!!
It's OK. we're all friends here.

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Re: Monster Hunters, where the HEck are you?

New postby *POTS* » Sun Mar 04, 2012 9:45 pm

People are too lazy for registering nowadays.

You may see someone joining a forum only if one of the following things occurs:

1 - You ban them, so they need to know the reason why;
2 - The server is passworded, thus they cannot join (it doesn't matter you've locked it for just 5 minutes to check the latest map or try out a new mutator, they had to join in that same exact time);
3 - The server is down for whatever reason (probably for just a split second, after being running fine for a full month), and they wanna know what's going on;
4 - The downloads are slow;
5 - They want more maps on the server, no matter you already have 500 maps loaded;
6 - A girl is already a registered member on the forum and/or a regular (it helps raising the interest somehow; pity she won't give a heck about the game nor the people playing it a week later or so);
7 - They have to complain about the cheater/UTard/naab of the day;
8 - They are spambots pretending to be real people;
9 - They are real people pretending to be spambots;
10 - They have to complain about something, cause no matter what, there must always be something wrong with you/your server/your forum.

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