The Triple Shot

The Triple Shot

New postby Drunken_Master » Mon Oct 21, 2019 3:16 pm

A woman was pregnant with triplets. One day she was out walking and passed a bank holdup when she was shot in the stomach three times.

she was rushed to hospital, where the doctor said the children would be fine but they would each have a bullet inside them.

It was fourteen years later when one of her girls came up to her mother and said that when she was having a pee when a bullet came out, so the mum explained the story.

A week later her second daughter rushed up to her mother and said when she went for a pee she found a bullet, so for the second time she explained the story.

Another week passes and her son came along in a right state. Crying his eyes out. His mum tried to calm him down and said "Don't tell me: you went to the toilet and found a bullet".

He said "No, I was having a wank and I shot the dog!"
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