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Unreal Tournament UED2 guide
UED2 (Unreal EDitor) is the second version of UED and is used to create
custom maps for Unreal or Unreal Tournament.
(This guide only focus on maps for UT.)
To get UED2 you need at least the 4.20 patch for UT installed.

If you have questions, check my FAQ
or mail me:

UED2 Basic Tutorials and Info.
UED2 Interface, buttons
Brush handling, move, rotate, size and vertex
Creating a single room
Lights, creation and properties explained
Lights, open flame creation
Level and Screenshot Info
Bot pathing, Navigation network
Capture the Flag explained
Domination explained
Assault explained
Zones explained
Zones, creating Water/Lava (acid or slime)
Zones, creating Skyzone (with add skyzone info.)
Zones, creating Fog (true and fake)
Creating the outside area
Teleporter zone
Movers explained
Movers, simple door
Movers, simple elevator
Movers, advanced door (triggered, sounds)
Triggers explained
Textures/Walls explained
Creating complex structures
2D shape editor
Invisible Collision hulls
Destroyable walls/windows
Sound and Music explained

UED2 Advanced Tutorials
Brush Editing, Terrain builder
Brush Editing, Curved Hallways
Brush Editing, Ladders
Lights, Triggered On/Off, Flicker
Lights, Triggered On/Off, Timed Disco
Lights, Triggered Off, Destroyable
Mover, Looped light mover
Mover, Swinging, Rotating Door
Zones, Traps (triggered)
Zones, Skyzone, Lightning

Misc information
UED2 General info and tips
BSP, Solid/Semi-Solid
Map Flow
Bot AI and Basics
Console Commands
Texture list
Music list
Sound list

Deathmatch Level tutorial
Part 1 - The first room
Part 2 - Expanding the level
Part 3 - The water bath
Part 4 - Placing weapons
Part 5 - Bot pathing
Part 6 - Level properties
Part 7 - Final words