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UED2 Tutorial - Sound list

This is some of the sound packages from the the original UT.

Package Specific
Activates Beeps, Clicks and Machinery
AmbAncient Monk, Lava, Fire, Glass, Explosion, Ghost and Creak
AmbModern Alarm, Fan, Electric, Hum, Machine, Pipes, Teleport and Scream
AmbOutside Animals, Waterfall, Swamp, Waves, Lightning, Quake and Thunder
Announcer Announcer Voice
BossVoice Boss Voice
BotPack Weapon and Item Sound
DoorsAnc Thumps, Chain, Stone and Wood door sounds
DoorsMod Modern Door and Lift sounds
Female1Voice Female 1 Voice
Female2Voice Female 2 Voice
FemaleSounds Female sound effects
Male1Voice Male 1 Voice
Male2Voice Male 2 Voice
MaleSounds Male sound effects
Pan1 Helecopter, Train and some Voice
Rain Rain and Thunder
Vrikers Voice sounds