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UED2 Tutorial - Music list

This is a complete list of all original UT songs that came with the CD.

I have also listed type of song and where they suit.
This ofcourse may not apply to you.

Each song is listed with words separated with commas and what kind
of gametype they suit best.
The first word represent how the tune goes/feels.
Second is what kind of map/look it sound good to.
The last word is the song tempo or what it is like.

Song Specific
Botmca9 Slow, Space, Mood (CTF, DOM, AS)
Botpck10 Funky, Base, Action (DM, DOM, CTF)
Cannon Deep, Ancient, Action (DM, AS)
Colossus Heavy, Military, Action (AS)
Course Funky, Space, Action (DM, DOM, CTF, AS)
Credits Powerful, Military, Trophy (AS) (Name: Trophy)
Ending Short, Military, End (Possibly AS)
Enigma Calm Deep, Tribe, Mood (CTF, DOM)
Firebr Deep, Base, Action (CTF, DOM, DM)
Foregone Deep, Space, Mood (CTF, DOM)
Godown Fast, Spaceship, Action (DM)
Lock Funky, Ocean, Action (DM)
Mech8 Fast, Outside/Base, Action (DM)
Mission Powerful, Base, Action (CTF, AS)
Nether Slow, Underwater, Mood (DOM, CTF, AS)
Organic Wierd, Alien, Action (DM, DOM, CTF)
Phantom Special, Outside, Mood (DM, DOM, CTF)
Razor-ub Powerful Deep, Heavy Fort, Action (DM, AS)
Run Fast, Space, Action (DM, DOM, CTF, AS)
Saveme Fast, Space Base, Action (DM, DOM, CTF)
Savemeg Fast, Space Base, Action (DM, DOM, CTF) (Almost as Saveme)
Seeker Slow, Underground, Mood (DOM, CTF, AS)
Seeker2 Slow, Underground, Mood (DOM, CTF, AS) (Almost as Seeker)
Skyward Slow, Space, Mood (CTF)
Strider Paced, Military, Action (AS)
Suprfist Fast, Base, Action (DM)
UnWorld2 Powerful, Fantasy/Underground, Mood (DOM, CTF)
Utmenu23 Calm, Outside/Base, Action (DM, DOM)
Uttitle Calm, Outside/City, Mood (AS)
Wheels Calm Deep, Swamp/Jungle, Mood (DM, DOM, CTF)